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Space Maintainers

Modesto Kidz Dental has a state-of-the-art office conveniently located in Modesto that specializes in all aspects of pediatric dentistry. When our young patients lose a tooth too early due to trauma or decay, it may be necessary for a space maintainer to be utilized to keep the remaining teeth in place in these developing smiles. Space maintainers help children develop healthy smiles, and the dentists at Modesto Kidz can help determine if this is the right course for your child’s smile.

When a tooth is extracted or lost due to an accident or decay, or even when a tooth does not come in for an unknown reason, it can lead to many dental issues in the future. When a tooth is missing, the existing teeth shift to fill in the gap causing them to become crooked, crowded and even affect speech or chewing function. This shifting can also crowd the area where the permanent teeth will eventually erupt.

Space maintainers are devices meant to fill the space left by a missing tooth. They are custom fitted to your child’s mouth using a mold and are effective in keeping the other primary teeth in place, so permanent teeth erupt in the proper position. The appliance is applied and removed (when ready) by your dentist. Young children may have a space maintainers that stay in place for years since some permanent teeth don’t emerge until later into the development stage.

Many varieties of space maintainers exist. The dentists at Modesto Kidz Dental will customize a treatment and recommend a space maintainer that works best for your child’s unique smile. Made of plastic or metal, space maintainers may consist of a band or a temporary crown that attaches to one side of the open space with a loop or bar contacting the tooth on the other side of the space.

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Our Happy Patients

"I have brought my oldest here for almost 3 years and I plan to bring my other child as well because of how well each appointment has gone. Staff and Dentist are both very kind. I love the kid friendly atmosphere they have built. I would recommend to anyone I know in need of a dentist for kids."

Mari G Mari G.

"Th staff made my kids experience INCREDIBLE. Play area in waiting room with little bouncy ball dispenser made our wait a breeze! Once we went back staff was so friendly and there was even a tv screen on the ceiling above the chair. Trolls was on, big brownie points from my 4 yr old . And after The apt they gave each of my kiddos a super cute little tooth brush set and a token for another bouncy ball! Great place for the kiddos. Highly recommend ."

Tellisa J Tellisa J.

"Bright and clean play area in the waiting room. Polite and friendly staff at reception as well as in the back. They were great with my kids (including the baby). Clean and fun themed exam rooms with kids movies playing to keep the kiddies entertained. Fun Tooth brush kits were given to them when they were done as well as tokens so the kids could pick out there own prize from a coin op dispenser."

Elizabeth S Elizabeth S.
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