What is Pulpotomy and its Diagnosis & Preventions?

Pulpotomy is the process of removing pulp from teeth. Pulp is the inner part of the teeth which contains blood veins and nerves. Pulpotomy is done in many ways. There are types of Pulpotomy which you need to know:

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1. Partial Pulpotomy for traumatic exposure: This pulpotomy is also called Cvek Pulpotomy. When a tooth is strongly hit by something in such a way that pulp is exposed. This happen in case of a baby tooth or young permanent tooth.

2. Partial Pulpotomy for carious exposure: In this case, radicular pulp is remain healthy and Pulp chamber is exposed. This is helpful when root formation is incomplete and partial pulpotomy helps in keeping pulp vital long enough which allows root to develop more.

3. Adult Pulpotomy: This is not done so often on adults as root canals are considered best option for treating adult permanent teeth.

Some signs that your child needs Pulpotomy

1. Swelling in cheek or jaw.

2. Tenderness in that particular area when touched.

3. Spontaneous pain, especially in night time.

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1. Through X-ray, Pulp problems can be detected. Levels of tooth decay and inflammation can be seen.

2. An additional tooth tap test is also done in diagnosis. Here, any blunt instrument is tapped on affected tooth and we can know the extent of inflammation.

3. Electricity Pulp tester is also used. It delivers a very little current to the Pulp. If you can feel this current then your tooth Pulp is still viable or vice versa.

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1. Good oral hygiene and visits dentists regularly.

2. Reducing sweets such as candy, cakes, and sugary colas.

3. In case of bruxism, tooth guard can protect your teeth.

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