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Tooth fillings are restorative materials which are used for restoring the functionality of a tooth. These fillings are of many types like Amalgam, Gold Dental Fillings, Ceramic Tooth Fillings, Composite and many more. In small cavities, we can use fillings but in case of big cavities RCT or Crown should be done. In some cases, extraction of a tooth have to be done.

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Amalgam is basically an alloy of many metals like silver, copper, tin, mercury and small quantity of zinc. If mercury in this amalgam is present in a large quantity then it is harmful as high levels of mercury can be vaporized and inhaled & absorbed by lungs which can cause problems to brain and kidney.

Gold Dental Filling

This filling consist most of the gold metal. This option is considered very expensive. If you want your tooth corrosion-free & want to avoid discoloration then this option is best for you.

Tooth Colored Filling

It is also known as porcelain fillings. This tooth-colored fillings have two types resin composite & ceramic. Resin composite fillings are soft plastic which is mixed with ceramic or glass to make them more rigid. These fillings are considered good but not last as metal amalgam fillings do. But, ceramic fillings are considered very strong and easily bonded with teeth and make a good seal. Ceramic fillings are more durable and can last longer than metal amalgam. In case of big cavities, you are recommended to use the services of Dental crowns Modesto CA.

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