How Sealant enhance dental health?

Dental sealant is a plastic material that is used in chewing surfaces of back teeth (Premolars and molars). This plastic sealant acts as a barrier and saves teeth from plaque and acids. It also protects sensitive areas of premolars and molars by making bonds into the fissures and pits.

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How Sealant is used:

In starting, teeth are cleaned and dry. After this, dentist will apply sealant to the enamel of that particular tooth and then light is used on it. This process helps in drying the used sealant. Dental sealant can last up to the 10 years.

Type of a Sealant:

1. Glass Lonomer:

2. High acid bonding

3. Less shrinkage

4. High fluoride release

5. Low thermal expansion

6. High susceptibility to desiccation

Resin Modified Glass Lonomer
Polyacid Modified Resins
Composite Resin (Polymerization)

1. No acid base bonding

2. Less expansion (after water immersion)

3. High tensile strength

4. Low susceptibility to desiccation

5. Less fluoride release

Risk in a sealant

The biggest risk is a BPA (Bisphenol A) which can happen because of the sealant as there are some materials present in the sealant which can cause BPA when comes into the contact of saliva. So, it is very important to get all the information about the sealant from the dentist.
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