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1X-Rays and Exam

In dental exam dentist will ask child's health history. Check child's oral hygiene, check child's teeth, gums,tongue, lips, cheeks for any abnormality. Dental exam should be done every six months.

2Prophy / Fluoride

Prophy is short word for prophylaxis, this word is taken from greek lanaguage which means " to prevent beforehand ". It is regualr cleaning of teeth which is recommended after every six months.
Fluoride is applied on every 6 months visit. Fluoride is a mineral which helps to remineralze the enamel of the tooth, which make the tooth strong.


It is a material which is applied on the pit and fissures of back teeth to protect tooth decay.The sealent are bonded into depression of teeth and form protective layer.


Dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill it with a material. Fillings are also done on broken teeth, cracked teeth and worn off teeth due to different reasons.

5Tooth Color Filling

For front teeth the material used is tooth color and called composite which is mixture of plastic and glass.

6Pulpotomy / Pulpectomy

Simply called Baby root canal. The removal of pulp from crown part of tooth is pulpotomy and removal from crown and tooth roots is called pulpectony .

7Crowns - Stainless Steel

A dental crown is tooth shaped cap which is placed on the tooth after prepration of tooth. Crown is done on the teeth.

8Crowns - Tooth Color

For front teeth tooth color crowns are also placed, which give kids a beautiful normal smile. These crowns can be done after pullpotomy / pulpeetomy , broken teeth and discolored teeth.


It is important that baby teeth should fall out at their own. But sometimes it is necessary to remove the tooth and it is beneficial sometimes. Tooth has to removed because of infection when it is not treatable.

10Space - Maintainers

Space - maintainer is placed if there is early loss of baby tooth to hold the space for permanent tooth. It is made of metal band and loop of wire. It has different designs.

11Dental Splinting / Stabilization

We do splinting and stabilization of teeth. If they become loose after trauma. Splinting is done for 6 weeks usually in this period the loose teeth become firm.

12Sedation Dentistery

We practice sedation dentistry for patient comfort.
A- Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen
We use the gas to control the patient pain and anxiety.
B- General Anesthesia
We also do dentistry in general anesthesia with the team work of dentist and anesthesiologist.


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