Dental Topics


Dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill it with a material. Fillings are also done on broken teeth, cracked teeth and worn off teeth due to different reasons. Filling helps to prevent further decay. Usually amalgam and composit resin is used as filling material.

Tooth color filling

For front teeth the material used is tooth color and called composit which is mixture of plastic and glass


It is important that baby teeth should fall out at their own. But some times it is necessary to remove the tooth and it is beneficial sometimes. Tooth has to removed because of infection when it is not treatable. It is important to place space - maintainer so the space is not closed for the coming permanent tooth. Sometimes baby teeth are extracted because of orthodondontic reasons.

Space - Maintainers

Space - maintainer is placed if there is early loss of baby tooth to hold the space for permanent tooth. It is made of metal band and loop of wire. It has different designs.


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